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Steve Burling

You're either a slow reader, or you've got a metric boatload of books :-). I figure that if I was locked in the house, there'd be nothing to do *but* read, and that means I'd probably need at least 200 or so a year. Got 10,000 unread books lying around?


I do have several thousand. There are full bookcases (big ones) in pretty much every room in the house, and I estimate at least 3,000 total. But I wouldn't have nothing to do but read, because there are several year's worth of projects as well - art, knitting, sewing, carpentry....I might run out of glue, though. I better get more.

Ed Vielmetti

Do you know about Paperback Swap? The idea (and the web site) is that you sign up, list some books you want to give away, and then when someone wants one you get to choose whether to mail it off to them at your own expense. You accumulate credits, and with those credits you can request that people mail you stuff.

We have done a mini-purge at home of unloved books, and with that accumulated more credits than we can use; that meant that when I wanted to read Catch-22, I could own a copy (at least temporarily) rather than being dependent on the library to borrow and then return it.

Essaouira Morocco

The one who has a reading hobby is I think really a blessed one as he will never feel lonely.
This people have there books as the best fiends and this books become a inner part of there life.
I am really fond of reading and have read many books and couldn't stop on that and want more and more new books.
Thanks for the post and got some interesting content to read.


Did you achieve resolution mastery? Curious readers want to know. And, I might take Ed up on the paperback swap. Our 2500 books are languishing, too, even though SJFA would not like to admit it.

Belstaff leather

Those are super cute. I like you on Facebook.

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