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Vicki in MIchigan

Too bad I didn't document the shuffleboard........ :-)

They have a kids' area that is supervised so adults can drop off kids who are too little to roam the ship alone. I don't know any more about it than that.

I was up there looking for my nephew one evening (the teen area is right next to the smaller kid area). I didn't find my nephew (who is 14), but I was challenged (politely) when I walked into the smaller kid area during my search.

I bet you already know that there will be a lifeboat drill the first evening. Just so everyone can be emotionally prepared. Everyone puts on their lifejacket and goes to their lifeboat station, and then waits for all the slackers who don't get the meaning of the word "mandatory" to be rounded up and forced to join the law-abiders amongst us.

We didn't get into any lifeboats, just learned where to go (and how to put on the lifepreserver thing).

The day between Vancouver and Ketchican is the only day you can feel the sea. At least, it was the only day we felt the sea. The ship rolled very gently from side to side. I thought it was rather pleasant, until I got a migraine (completely unrelated to the motion of the ship), and then the nausea that accompanies a migraine was exacerbated by the motion..... It was a little disconcerting to watch the horizon go up and down....... It doesn't do that, where I come from!

Vicki in MIchigan

Thinking on -- the only scary thing I encountered on the whole trip was a sea anemone in a tank at the Sea Life Center in Seward that we were allowed to touch if we wanted.

They told me it couldn't hurt me, and it did not hurt me, but it would have if it could have..... And that wasn't even on the ship.

Nothing scary.

You can tell him that you know that a 14-yr-old boy just went on the very same ship and had a wonderful time, no bad things happened, let alone any disasters.....

I think the baddest thing that happened was wanting ice cream at one of the times when no ice cream was available........ :-)

Vicki in MIchigan

I keep thinking of one more thing and one more thing.

I'll mind my manners and say "thanks for the kind words!" :-)

You know there are laundromats right on the ship, right?

I didn't want to do wash on vacation, but my sil and niece did laundry. I can't remember how much it cost to use the machines.

I went to Value World and stocked up on camp shirts so I had enough that, with a little judicious re-wearing, I wouldn't need to do any laundry.

Vicki in MIchigan

ps -- did you tell Karen that I wore black jeans and camp shirts to "formal nights"? I did, and no one even looked cross-eyed at me. At least, not to my face. :-)


I told everyone about your formal wear, so no one is truly worried. :) But Karen's velvet shirt is very attractive AND comfy AND it cost $3, so what can be wrong about that?

Vicki in MIchigan

Not a thing. Not suggesting she shouldn't dress up, just stating it's not strictly necessary. :-)

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