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I had a ruptured appendix in 1989, and I guess the technology has improved. I didn't have a CT, only an ultrasound, and they didn't know what was wrong, really, until the next night (just after midnight -- is this a trend?) when they did a laparoscopy and discovered the mess.

Like you, VERY glad to have been close enough to a big research hospital that they were able to fix me with no repercussions.

$1200 worth of IV antibiotics and a week in the hospital, and a bunch more time to heal at home, and I was good as new.

One of the children's librarians at the downtown library had a ruptured appendix at about the same time as mine. She was up north somewhere. The first hospital she was taken to couldn't handle it, so she went in an ambulance to somewhere an hour away, where they did a bad job.

I felt better every day; she felt worse. She finally ended up at the U to be redone............

They say that once something bad has happened to you, you overestimate the likelihood of that sort of event.

I am always a bit on edge when I'm not within a 10-minute drive of a big research hospital.........

Very glad Henry is ok.

They kept asking me if I wanted my husband at the hosp. I kept telling them "NO, we have a 15-month-old baby, he needs to be at home with her."

They called him a few times in the night to update him -- "We removed the fragments of what was left of her appendix." "I have never seen anyone with so few clinical signs who was such a mess inside." Etc. Oy. And he was a single parent for the 8 days I was in the hosp.......


Yikes! Fortunately my parents were in town and Joe stayed with them, so he was as little disrupted as possible.

Vicki in MIchigan

Nice to have useful family so near.

Glad to hear Henry is recovering smoothly!

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