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Oh, my dear, how I feel for you, Henry, and Joe. Yes, even with sibling issues, I suspect Joe is affected too. Those decisions have been the hardest in my life so far (for which I'm thankful). All anyone can do is offer a big hug and a soft shoulder. Call on me anytime.


Poor Walter! The dog-o-mat sounds like fun -- when I first heard about it, I told David we should get a dog so we could try it out. But dogs are a lot of work and, unlike children, they never get potty trained or grow up and move out.

Vicki in Michigan

I know you will remember, as the time comes, that it isn't about whether you can bear to let him go, but rather about when his quality of life is gone.

Then, as someone on Corgi-L said, we do the last loving thing we can do for them -- take their pain and make it our own.....

About Joe -- Val was 6 when Molly had to be put down (at almost 16.5). Molly had been senile, deaf, and mostly blind, and incontinent (both kinds) for months and months. Val didn't remember Molly as "a real dog" at all. V was sad because I was sad, until I reminded her that while it was nice for her to be sympathetic to my sadness, me being sad did *not* mean she had to be sad, too.

Oh. Well, then. And she wasn't sad any more.


Walter's job is to take care of us. Our job is to take care of him. And so part of my job is to tell him when he can stop worrying about his job and let go.

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