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Vicki in Michigan

My brother said to me once "You can't have too many books!"


Yes, really, I can. When all the available space for bookshelves is occupied by same, and all shelves are full, and piles of books are still everywhere, well............

Been there, done that.

The thing that helped me seriously purge was Amazon. I looked up the value of several dozen books, and discovered most were in the $10-and-under range, with most under $5.

Knowing that I can easily replace them, should I want to, made it much easier to pass them along.

Steve Fife-Adams

Interesting that you bring up Suetonius. In my Historiography class we recently finished reading/discussing the short biography of Charlemagne by Einhard, and we were talking about how Einhard used Suetonius as his model, to the point where some of the language is identical (and therefore renders Einhard's account rather suspect in some of the details). I was thinking about picking up Suetonius after the term is over. Now I guess I have no choice.

Steve Fife-Adams

Oh yeah, about the books: I wouldn't concern yourself too much about where they come from. They are there in your house; they want to be read. Welcome them. Build more bookshelves for them so they can get comfy. This is the only reasonable thing to do.

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