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Vicki in Michigan

You would have rocked the CIA....

I have been 5'3" since I was about 10, and I am sure I am the same height as everyone. I would have said I was the same height as you.... It's only when I turn around and find myself at eye level with someone else's belt buckle that I realize some people are a bit taller. Then I ask them to sit down....... Firmly. Ask firmly, I mean.

Cartography because -- Maps Rule. Especially google maps, with pictures.....


Funny, I am also, 5'3", but didn't reach my full adult height until about college, so I have always thought of myself as a "short person," even though I think I'm actually pretty average for a woman.


oops -- please excuse the extraneous comma!


Well, see, I think I TOWER over both of you. Just call me Chihuahua.

Vicki in MIchigan

So interesting, how this seems to be set in childhood before a lot of people reach their full height....

Steve Fife-Adams

Cartography! Yes! When I was first thinking about going back to school, I was torn between getting a Master's in Geography and one in History, and for a while I was secretly eyeing a Ph.D. program at U. of Wisconsin (home of the "History of Cartography" series and also where the great William Cronon teaches) that's a dual degree in History AND Geography. Just add a generous helping of Cultural Studies and stir, and you'd have the perfect program.


hmmm. . . well, I don't think I knew 5. Is that recent? And did you know ketchup is considered one of the perfect foods? It incorporates all five tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami.


Cartography as a career possible in the modern world didn't really occur to me until fairly recently, within the last ten years or so, when it was really too late to want to retrain from the beginning. But as Steve says it does encompass all kinds of really fun things: maps, geography, art, history.

And among its other virtues, ketchup is of course a vegetable.

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