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Another joy of youth: walking out of the used bookstore with a stack of books longer than my arm and no grumbling "I really shouldn't. I already have too damn many of these". Somehow I'm not as nostalgic about my sartorial memories :-)

Glad you liked the Emma Bull.

 -- V

I had no idea you were such a wild thing. I was entirely tame and boring, in comparison. In dress as well as in lifestyle.

Like Jayne, I, too, remember the days when I came home (from the library book sale, most likely) with 40 pounds of books. Every week.

I don't feel nostalgic about it, though -- it is exactly that thoughtless overindulgence that landed me in the desperately-in-need-of-a-clean-sweep house I now inhabit..........


There are certainly worse kinds of thoughtless indulgence - and those that land you in much worse situations!

 -- V

Which doesn't excuse this kind, alas.


Thx! :)

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