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Vicki in Michigan

I've been indulging my decades-long interest in Tudor England. I read a new Anne Bolyne bio (and if it's true, it's astonishing the extent to which the assasination of someone's character lasts forever.....), a book called The Other Bolyne Girl (Anne's sister Mary slept with Henry before Anne... Too fraught, pass), and a book about Elizabeth Hardwick.

I liked the book about Bess of Hardwick ("Elizabethan Empire Builder") the best of the three. Bess was a really remarkable woman.

Mary Shapiro

Afterwords closed?! Oh, well, at least one more reason to feel better about not living in A2 anymore.

Mary Shapiro

Okay, obviously I'm getting the wrong idea from all this. I finished reading your blog & went immediately to Amazon and ordered a whole bunch of stuff....


What did you order?

Mary Shapiro

oh, you know, the usual odd mix: a Robert Munsch for Clara, the new Trevor Bryce on the Hittites & their neighbors, a book on teaching language & communication to autistic kids, a Dan Zanes CD for Fred, and --oh, yes, here's the connection to you -- Mots D'heures Gousses Rames, a book from your shcelves I remember fondly. What was the other volume called?


Well, I've always loved to read, but don't have the need to own books. Once I've read a book, I don't care what happens to it--I
always like to know that someone else might enjoy it. But I've been married to someone who wants to be surrounded by shelf after shelf of books that he intends to read, and maybe even HAS read. Gosh, and one of my children (guess which one) suffers from the same ailment.
I won't say that I'm learning something from this blog, but certainly some knowledge is being reinforced.
Mary S.--it was really nice to hear from you.


Ahem. Well, you know I, too, suffer from this malady. What a great idea with the bookshelf- I'll have to try that. Right after I finish the five other books I'm currently reading...


Just remember, it's not a character flaw.


The other book is N'Heures Souris Rames. More misspent youth.

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