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-- V

"The toilet seat broke when I sat on it. Henry says it cheered him up a bit" -- lol. I feel your pain. We are already hemoraging money in the direction of college (one year paid for, three to go), and this summer will replace the garage. Eep. Sort of like I imagine it must be to replace the foundation -- all that money for ... less exciting results than completely redoing the kitchen and bathroom, say.....

It needs to be done, ok, but of all the cool things to do with that much money, well, a new garage just doesn't do a thing for me.

Our house is younger than yours (built in '45), but plenty old enough to need a million things refurbished..............



Hey there. Yikes! Okay, I'm going to stop feeling sorry for myself now. . . We only have the usual for 100+-year-old houses: leaks in the basement, leaky windows, mysterious stains and cracks in the ceiling.

At least you've got a while before Joe starts college!


Joe's not going to college - we're sending him to train as a plumber, or maybe a plasterer. It's our way of saving for our retirement.


Not to mention he'll be really handy around the house. Hey! He could live in your basement! Just like that movie with Matthew McConaughey!


Yeah, that's one of those movies that you can squeeze every last drop out of just by looking at the newspaper ad - seeing it is completely superfluous. But I guess it's better than him modeling himself after Citizen Kane.

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